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House-Made Crumpets

Come and Try Our House-Made Crumpets, Pastries and Cakes

Our house-made crumpets are a favorite here at the Two Birds One Stone Cafe. Many people compare a crumpet to an English muffin in the taste and flavor. Most of the world is familiar with tea and crumpets. Though people have heard of crumpets, not many know what they are exactly. There are many options people choose to put on our house-made crumpets. The most called for is the rhubarb jam. We can describe it by verifying it is similar in shape and size to the English muffin, but a crumpet has holes like a batch of pancakes cooking before getting flipped over. Our house-made crumpets have the holes to where butter, jam, or any added ingredient is put on top; it soaks through the entire crumpet. When our customers request the rhubarb jam, it seeps through the holes and enhances the flavor throughout the crumpet. The outside is crispy from being toasted, and the inside is chewy.

Our pastries and cakes are something people love to have with their coffee or tea. It offers a breaktime or an opportunity to have a quick snack for those who want to sit and relax. All of the pastries and cakes go well with our freshly brewed or iced coffee. Everything is made in-house, and there is an added joy for those who want to try our famous made cheesecake brownies. It is flavors one can only dream about until they try it. Once they enter through the doors to order, our customers are hooked with the atmosphere, the service, food, and beverages. We even have juice for those who do not like coffee or tea. There is orange and grapefruit, or we can mix them.

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