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Top Cafes

Voted Top Cafes with an All Day Menu

Here in South Yarra, we are a local favorite and voted one of the top cafes in the area. When people enter, they leave feeling full from the great food and at peace if they stop in for only a cup of coffee or tea. Our good food, friendly environment, and timely service helped people decide that we are among the top cafes. Everyone is impressed when they order their food or beverage, and they sit at their tables with a plate full of artwork. We fix the dishes like those of a fancy restaurant, which adds to the feeling of homely warmth. Our cafe holds up to 80 guests inside the white paneled walls and stained glass. The booths we have to seat our guests are comfy and offer people the opportunity to relax while enjoying their food, coffee, or tea. It is a friendly place where everyone leaves with a smile and a better part of their day.

As mentioned, we have an all day menu. It works out perfectly for those who love to eat breakfast throughout the day and others who want a hearty meal for the morning. We have a beautiful aroma when entering the cafe. Everything on the menu and the smell of freshly brewed coffee can draw in a crowd at any time of the day. Many say our menu is down to earth but highly impressive. Everything on the menu speaks for itself as it shows our customers why we chose the name Two Birds One Stone Cafe. We are not only a coffee shop, but we have added the restaurant to enhance the excellent service experience. We have dishes that stand out on the all day menu and scream, "try me!" There are eggs, smoked salmon, smoked ham, eggs benedict, bircher muesli, crispy pork belly with Asian slaw, house-made crumpets with everyone's favorite rhubarb jam, chili on brioche, and many more items that change seasonally.

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